What's New for 2019

For Attendees in 2019

  • We added a 4th day of training at no additional cost.
  • We moved the trade show to day two so that you will have a full day and a half of training before the trade show opens. This will give you break between your training courses instead of opening the show at the first hour of the first day as we have done in previous years.
  • We added a general session keynote speaker Mark “OZ” Geist, member of the Annex Security Team that fought the Battle of Benghazi.
  • We added an evening reception inside the trade show featuring raffle prizes and an open bar.
  • We brought back the Comedy night dinner and open bar.

For Exhibitors in 2019

  • We added a Patrol Tactics Conference that runs in conjunction with the NYTOA Tactical Training Conference and overlaps on the 1st day of the trade show. You will see attendees from two conferences at no additional cost.
  • We moved the trade shows hours to open at 11am so that exhibitors have time to take care of work and follow up efforts in the morning before the show opens each day.
  • We added a trade show reception with open bar and raffle prizes to bring the attendees back into the show and network with you in a more relaxed environment.